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5 of the best yoghurts


Yoghurt is one of my favourite foods, for its taste, multifunctional uses and nutritional profile.

It can be difficult to reach the recommended 2.5 daily serves of dairy (or alternatives) foods that are oh-so-important for maintaining optimum bone health and reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis later on in life. Yoghurt is a high calcium food that’s easy to incorporate into your diet in a number of creative ways.

Yoghurt makes frequent appearances in my day, and can be used in an array of cooking methods and cuisines. I’m just as likely to eat yoghurt in place of sour cream in Mexican food as I am in desserts or my morning porridge.

The ever-expanding dairy section at the supermarket means that there is something for everyone, and I’m always one to experiment, so…

Here are my top 5 picks:

1) five:am

Five:am pride themselves on producing sustainable and certified organic yoghurt.

Flavour options such as Strawberry and Guava, Dark Caramel, and Coffee Bean are offered in small 170g tubs, but my favourite is the Natural: No Added Sugar variety. I always have a huge 700g tub in my fridge and use it in everything from smoothies to soups (so much better than cream).

I find the texture of five:am a perfect inbetween – not too runny and not too ‘solid’.


2) Chobani

America’s top-selling yoghurt has arrived in Australia. Its impressive protein content and convenient lunch box size container have fitness enthusiasts and school kids equally impressed; my favourite is Apple Cinnamon 0% yoghurt.

What’s striking about Chobani is that despite achieving a remarkable nutritional profile, they haven’t compromised on flavour. It really does taste great – both the yoghurt itself and the added natural fruit.


3) Allure

What first struck me about Allure yoghurts was the small ingredient list. The relatively short shelf life is further indication of the yoghurt’s ‘natural’ state, but what’s even better are the flavours (I can’t go past coffee).

photo from tempo website

4) The Collective Dairy

This quirky New Zealand-made yoghurt is hard to pass by, as evidenced by my impulse purchase this week on an ‘only-need-one-thing’ visit to the supermarket.

I tried the tempting ‘Russian Fudge’ flavour. Amazing.

The Collective Dairy also offer smoothies with weird names like cblast, boom and zzoom, and a huge variety of yoghurts and soft cheeses.

photo from the collective dairy website

5) Jalna

Jalna are something of an institution when it comes to Australian yoghurt, claiming almost 10% of market share. A panel of knowledgeable foodies even voted Jalna the best of 14 tested yoghurts, based on appearance, texture, mouth feel, balance and finish. The production of Jalna is perhaps what sets it apart from competitors. Being pot-set results in a firmer texture, which to me is so much more appealing than those runny, fruit-specked products that make up the majority of yoghurts on the market.

photo from jalna website

Have I missed any?

What are your top 5 yoghurts?

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3 replies

  1. Thanks for the suggestions.. If your child is 2 or older, it’s best to choose plain non-fat or low-fat yogurt. Plain yogurt has no added sugar.

  2. Your blog is great! I love reading all your posts 🙂
    My fave yogurt is probably the Tamar Valley Dairy brand. Gets ticks for good consistency with me!
    Just wondering what the general consensus on ‘thickeners’ in natural yogurts is? Just sussed out the label on my coles low fat tub and I noticed on the ingredient list that it contains “Thickeners (1440 from tapioca and maize)”… ? I’m assuming it’s a necessary inclusion as yogurt from skim milk may not be as thick as the usual natural variety?
    Just wondered what your thoughts would be!

    • Thankyou! Mmm yep Tamar Valley is yum I agree!

      I’d say thickeners would be used just to ensure a consistent texture, in general us consumers expect perfection!

      Any additives in our food are monitored and considered safe for our health by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand), and so shouldn’t pose any risk to our health, however there is something nice about reading an ingredient list and understanding every one of them!! – thats why I like the Allure yoghurts.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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