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Random Recipe – Mango Frozen Yoghurt

I’ve been dreaming of mangoes ever since returning from Vietnam.

Mangoes to the Vietnamese seemed to be like apples to Australians – cheap, familiar and widespread. Subsequently, we found ourselves eating them in everything from salads to spring rolls – even salsa in the fancy ‘fusion’ eating spots.

Mango rice paper rolls in Hanoi

Mango rice paper rolls in Hanoi … Plus a mango smoothie on the side

But what really stole my heart was the mango lassi’s.

A quick google search tells me lassi’s most likely originated in Pakistan or India, and traditionally consist of yoghurt, water and spices. The lassi’s we slurped may have been a far cry from tradition, but they were damn delicious.

Just where this deliciousness came from is up for speculation. I say this because the yoghurt I tried in Vietnam was pretty terrible – watery, overly sweet and lacking the characteristic tartness of a good natural or Greek yoghurt. To be completely honest, even the mangoes weren’t what we’re used to, lacking the distinctive sweet, juicy traits of a good old QLD mango. I have a sneaking suspicion it may have had something to do with the sugar syrup that managed to sneak its way into most Vietnamese beverages, but whatever it was, as soon as I boarded the plane home I was planning how to recreate these lassi’s in my kitchen.

What I came up with wasn’t quite a lassi, or even a drink for that matter, but it satisfied by craving for mangoes, and I like to think it makes a pretty good rival for Yo-Chi. Since they’re in season, why not try my 2-ingredient mango frozen yoghurt?

Mango Fro-yo.


  • Frozen mango, thawed slightly. (Available from most supermarkets, fresh or canned would also work, but freeze first).
  • Yoghurt (Any kind – I used Farmers Union natural yoghurt).

mango and yoghurt


  • Use a hand blender or food processor to combine the frozen mango and yoghurt. Use as much of both ingredients as you feel makes your desired consistency, I use around ½ cup yoghurt and 1 cup mango

That’s it! Although best eaten straight away, the frozen yoghurt can be kept in the freezer in a sealed container.

photo 1fro yoScreen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.35.05 pm

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  1. Looks delicious. Will definitely give it a go!

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