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A week of healthy lunches for AHWW

Last week was Australian Healthy Weight Week – an initiative of the Dietitians Association of Australia, focused on raising awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. This years campaign was all about inspiring Australians to cook at home more often. As convenient (and delicious) as it can be, eating out isn’t usually the healthiest option, with meals tending to be high in overall energy, salt, fat […]

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My encounter with a juice fanatic

Those of you who follow my facebook page may be aware that over the weekend I had an exciting little guest spot on Joy FM’s cravings show. This all came into play after publishing a guest post on Scoop Nutrition on ‘alkalising’. (If you haven’t read it, please do!) Having been told the discussion would centre on food and nutrition in general, I wasn’t too worried… however, on learning the […]

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Bircher Muesli – the summer alternative for a porridge fiend

  My best friend and I are always at loggerheads over our breakfast choices when eating out. While she’s strictly savoury, and rarely wavers from her usual “avocado on toast with a side of crispy bacon, please,” I just can’t see past sweeter options like muesli, porridge, fruit toast, or a delicious banoffee mascarpone sandwich like this one below.     Many people base their menu choices off what they […]

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Going against the grain – the fear of all things carby

It’s somewhat comforting to see that, in the midst of what seems like a full-blown war on grains by the hardcore Paleo tribe, others are revelling in the plethora of seeds and cereals on offer. Take Yotam Ottolenghi, for example: an Israeli chef and restaurant owner known for injecting excitement into vegetable- and grain-based meals. The self-confessed ‘grain man’ has been championed worldwide for bringing grains and vegetables from side […]

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The National Heart Foundation – is it time to give the tick the flick?

Although generally viewed as a trustworthy and reliable source of health and nutrition support for Australians, the National Heart Foundation has recently come under scrutiny due to controversy surrounding its iconic Tick Program. If you’re aware of the recent uproar, you’ll probably agree that the popular view of the Tick Program has shifted from instinctive trust to suspicion and outrage, with many regarding the program as nothing more than a […]

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I went to Vietnam!

Vietnam hasn’t always been top of my list in places to travel. I’m not sure why, as rice paper rolls have long been up there with my favourite foods, and I consider myself to be something of a pho aficionado, but up until this year, other destinations always won out. When planning a mid-year escape for 2014, the choices were narrowed down to a varied list of Samoa, the Philippines, […]

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