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Random Recipe – Mango Frozen Yoghurt

I’ve been dreaming of mangoes ever since returning from Vietnam. Mangoes to the Vietnamese seemed to be like apples to Australians – cheap, familiar and widespread. Subsequently, we found ourselves eating them in everything from salads to spring rolls – even salsa in the fancy ‘fusion’ eating spots. But what really stole my heart was the mango lassi’s. A quick google search tells me lassi’s most likely originated in Pakistan […]

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I went to Vietnam!

Vietnam hasn’t always been top of my list in places to travel. I’m not sure why, as rice paper rolls have long been up there with my favourite foods, and I consider myself to be something of a pho aficionado, but up until this year, other destinations always won out. When planning a mid-year escape for 2014, the choices were narrowed down to a varied list of Samoa, the Philippines, […]

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