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5 of the best ‘Short on Time’ breakfasts

IMG_1902This week the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed 1 in 7 Australian children skip breakfast.  This is worrying, as such strong evidence exists to confirm breakfast consumption in school kids is linked with greater cognitive function – including memory and academic performance – school attendance and overall wellbeing.

But it’s not just children missing the most important meal of the day. Last year Kraft’s ‘Aussie Breakfast Report,’ announced more than half of Australians regularly skip breakfast.  Being short on time, being disorganised and sleeping in are common reasons for leaving the house on an empty stomach. So here are my tips to ensure you don’t skimp on breakfast:

1) Overnight oats: Overnight oats have gone viral amongst food bloggers – and for good reason. If you enjoy porridge but would prefer to hit the snooze button than wake up 20 minutes earlier to stand over a stove and actually make them, these are for you.  All they are is oats; soaked overnight in whatever liquid you choose – usually milk and/or yoghurt. Toppings can be added along with the liquid, or the next morning; think fruit, honey, spices, nuts, nut butter…  For some mouth watering inspiration; have a look at Kath Eats Real Food.

2) Smoothie: A breakfast smoothie is perfect for both those that are time-poor, and those who can’t stomach the thought of much to eat before midday. Keeping ingredients like bananas, frozen berries, weetbix or oats, yoghurt and low-fat milk on hand will ensure you’ve always got something to throw together when short on time. Adding in an additional source of fibre; such as chia seeds, flaxseeds or an LSA mix will keep you satisfied and avoid the mid-morning slump.

3) Bircher Muesli: Similar to overnight oats, Bircher Muesli is great as it can be tailored to your preferences, and stored in the fridge for a number of days to eat during the week. Made by combining oats with your choice of (or a mixture of) milk, juice (typically apple or orange) or yoghurt and add in’s like fruit – often grated apple – nuts and honey, and soaking overnight. Carmans have now made this even easier, with their own Bircher muesli mix requiring only milk to be added for an easy breakfast.


4) Breakfast muffins: The phrase ‘Healthy muffins,’ has become somewhat of an oxymoron; with most reflecting the nutrition profile of a cake in disguise. To avoid loading up on a huge hit of kilojoules and sugar, make your own. A bit of organisation will mean you can justify sleeping an extra 20 minutes, and take your muffin in the car or on the train. Loaded with eggs, yoghurt, fruit and wholegrains; Teresa Cutter’s muesli muffins are my pick.  If that sounds a little too serious for you, perhaps you’d prefer her blueberry muffins. Yum.

5) Leftovers: This certainly won’t appeal if you can’t face eating in the morning, however for some, eating last night’s dinner is perfectly acceptable at 7am. Although it’s not for me, it’s certainly better than not eating at all. It also makes consuming a high protein and fibre breakfast – and avoiding food waste – much easier.

Non-conventional.. but healthy breakfast nonetheless

Non-conventional.. but healthy breakfast nonetheless

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  1. This is great!
    Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. So pretty looking! Makes me hungry lol 😀

  3. Excellent post – Ive been research this recently too, very sad that some kids don’t have breakfast 😦

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